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Batuques and Drums Show:
the corner of the slave quarters


Video 1 : Release of the Show &

Resistance Movement: Exu


Video 2:

creation of the world


Video 3:

Solo by Ana Carla Farias


Video 4:

Resistance Movement


Video 7:

Forest Movement: Ossaim


Video 5:

History of Maculele


Video 8:

Forest Movement: Oxossi


Video 6:

War Movement - Ogun


Video 9:

Forest Movement: Jurema


Video 10:

movement of life and death



Video 11:

movement of life and death


Video 12 :

Movement of Fire, Quarries and Storm: Yansã


Video 13 :

Movement of Fire, Quarries and Storm: Xangô


Video 16:

Water Movement: Oxum


Video 19 :

Peace Movement: Hopefully

Video 14 :

Movement of Waters: Sailors


Video 17:

Water Movement:

Yemanjá Queen of the sea


Video 20:

Movement of Candaces: As Iabás

Video 15:

Water Movement: Yemanjá


Video 18:

Meeting of the Waters


Video 21:

Celebration Movement:

Miracles of the People

Video 22 :

Baba Yetu & Closing

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